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Hi! I am Johnny Bilotta, an accomplished and recognized digital product designer based in Philadelphia, PA. While I am primarily a software product designer, I am able to fill common gaps between software product development and design.

My current position is as the VP of Product Design for myClin Clinical Oversight Platform. The platform provides a viable solution to small and mid-sized pharmaceutical ventures. Primarily giving them features that provide monitored auditing and analysis about the completeness of their clinical trial.

As a digital designer I have been professionally active for the past twenty five years, with the better part of the last fifteen spent in software product design and development of some sort. While I can say I am multi-disciplined in terms of design, I can also say I am multi-disciplined as a developer, in so much that I also know how to program solutions in Javascript, Python, PHP and bash. This coupled with my design abilities gave me a unique gift when it came to communicating and integrating design along with software developers.

Over the past ten years I have developed a design process for my teams that is rooted in the foundations of traditional product design. This forms the basis for what I call “digital ergonomics”. A practice that couples the cognitive considerations of users while they navigate an interactive product on a digital device.

I was fortunate to have a computer readily available to me on a regular basis as I grew up. I feel in love with not only the potential but almost everything around technology, especially its integration into our daily lives. This has allowed me to grow with technology in a way that diversified my skill set. I can confidently say I am platform agnostic, which allows me to seamlessly navigate Windows, Mac OS and Linux with little difficulty.

Within these systems I can function as and administrator when needed. I understand the network management and the systems engineering of most major platforms and can program simple solutions for each.

When I am not working I enjoy following motorsports and football(soccer) as well as play games on my PC. I currently live in Philadelphia with my fiance Abby and our two cats, Dorian and Phe

Thank you for visiting my site! I hope you found something useful during your time here. By all means feel free to send me a message using the button below.