June Project: Create A Static Site Using Hugo

I have been thinking about moving away from WordPress and convert this site to static HTML generated by some kind of framework. There are many reasons for this, not least of which is the security leaks that come with using WordPress. Going static will also mean virtually no updates needed to the server, no database […]

Setting Up A Simple Web Template

Over the years I have found it hard to really establish a good web project template that allows me to either test a concept or create a simple website quickly. Like other old schoolers, I kept a /junk directory on my Desktop and had various HTML files in it along with the standard sub-directories of […]

A Vue To A Kill: Day 01 – What am I doing?

Recent developments at myClin have had me turn my attention to building a front-end framework for our web application. Our current framework is a bit dated and relies on templates written in JSPs to handle some of the heavy lifting. It has worked well for most of our lifecycle, however, it is not aging too […]