New Sites Explored

Just a quick list of some design and technology related resources I found along my journeys on the internet.

Weekly Web Tips

The first site on my list today is Full of useful real world web programming techniques that the authors publish weekly. Found myself going down the rabbit hole due to their informative and practical content. I bookmarked the site straight away and suggest you do the same.

Git hub resource for digital designers

Found when I went searching for—you guessed it, “design resources”, within GitHub. It is amazing what you find there with simple keywords. Give it a try. This was not the only one I starred but it was the best one I found for providing resources across the digital design spectrum.

Have used the resources found there several times over the past week.

Google Trends

I am mad at myself for not finding this site sooner. I will most likely use it for research and general curiosity. However, I can see this being a very useful tool in anyone arsenal. To put it simply, this site shows you what internet users are searching for when they go type something into Google’s search.

This can be incredibly useful for keyword and marketing research as well copywriting. The platform allows you to download the data in CSV form as well as embed into the code of your web connected project.


UnDraw is a site where you can pick up open-source illustrations for presentations and websites. The site was founded by Katerina Limpitsouni (@NinaLimpi) and is maintained by an open community of designers, developers, and Illustrators.

I am a little pissed it took me this long to find it, seeing that it has been around since 2017.