Hello, My Name is Johnny!

I am a digital product designer, front-end developer, all around technophile, and passionate motorsport fan.

About Me:

I am a journeyman product designer. During my twenty plus year career as a professional designer, I have worked in the fields of advertising, product design, environment and display design, web and interactive design and digital product design and development.

Currently I hold the position of VP of Product Design for myClin, Clinical Oversight Platform and live in Philadelphia, PA.

As a consultant, I provide mentoring to designers and design teams in the process, methods and business of modern design in the interactive and software product space. My experience working with big brands, and small alike, has given me the ability to be agile in execution. As well as provide a measurable results to modern digital design problems.

Thanks for visiting my site! I hope you find something of interest during your visit. Please feel free to contact me using the social links above or the contact form further down the page.

Primary Projects:


myClin is a project I have been involved in for quite some time. In short, it is a web based software platform for managing compliance and oversight in a clinical trials. The application is built on a Java framework and utilizes AWS cloud infrastructure.


Race Krafts

This project is my online store dedicated to motorsports. It started as just posters of racetracks done with some style and elegance. I am currently working on new collections which will be up in the store on June 1st 2019.


Get In Touch:

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