Starting all over again. Well, sort of.

Starting something, anything, is always one of the hardest things to do. As I went through old notebooks and journals, I found that I have been trying to start this for years. There have been times I have published on my website but it never lasted more than a couple of posts and there was never a clear vision of what I wanted my website to do for others, let alone me. So, I burnt it down and started fresh about two months ago. This time there is a plan for my what goes here on my site and what my goals are for its integration into my life. I hope you will find something interesting along the way as I try this yet again.

My primary intention for using this site is to share my experience as a software product designer and front-end developer. I humbly believe my journey through design and technology over the last twenty-five years allowed me to pick up some lessons learned that could benefit my greater community. Second to this intention, is to share my experience as I train for my information and digital security certifications. It has been a gaol of mine, for a couple years now, to focus my various computing, technological and mechanical skills into a cohesive area of practice. One that could lead to the next steps in my career even. Who knows? I see information and digital security being a fertile ground for opportunity over the next decade or more. This training also helps reinforce my skills and experience as a product developer. Thus, allowing me to design more solidly secure software products for my customers.

Thanks for dropping by, I hope you find something of use while you visit. Have a wonderfully fantastic day.