Wallpaper Wednesday: Destiny 2

Wallpaper Wednesday is a practice I have not done for many years. In the early days of Indy Hall I would put out a digital wallpaper each week. This helped me stay fresh with design and the suite of tools I use on a regular basis. It also gave me the freedom to explore concepts I normally would not be able to while completing client work. I am humbly attempting to revive this practice with this initial release of the new Wallpaper Wednesday.

This week’s inspiration: Destiny 2 character, the Warmind

I have been using my down time to grind out some missions in Destiny 2 to prepare for the new expansion dropping in November.

A huge part of these missions is running around the system doing tasks for the Warmind AI named, Rasputin. In the game, the Warmind is a sentient, artificial intelligence built by humanity to protect us and the solar system from interstellar threats. While the concept is literally out of this world (the Warmind resides on Mars.) The game designers added some interesting designs to the terminals scattered all over the system, in so much that they used ASCII inspired designs. This, in turn, inspired me to create some digital wallpapers for mobile and desktop, featuring some of the symbols that represent the Warmind and various subroutines.

If you do not play Destiny this will all sound like a bunch of hooey. However the designs of these wallpapers are for all to enjoy. Even more so for those who play Destiny.

Warmind ASCII Wallpaper

Warmind Desktop