New Sites Explored

5 new places and artifacts I found across the internet this week. Enjoy!

I have few addictions and Reddit is one of them. The subreddit r/whereintheworld is one of my new favorite finds so far. It simply contains video broadcasts, mostly from personal devices like phones, of places around the world. These broadcasts give you a brief glimpse of life in other parts of the world. During the pandemic it can feel like a nice break to see the world through someone else’s eyes.

I just found this one due to my studies in information security. The Bleeping Computer is centered around information security and technology. While that may seem incredibly technical, the site is full of useful information about ransomeware, malware and other threats. Where it is possibly most helpful is its detailed information about managing your computer efficiently no matter what skill level you find yourself.

Ever since building my gaming PC at the beginning of the pandemic I have been finding interest in constructing a custom keyboard. Good design requires research, a quick pop over to Reddit and there I found the sub /r/mechanicalKeyboards. This was just the beginning of a new obsession with a project I will probably never finish.

This one is for the more technically inclined. While looking for new ways to use the tools available to me in my terminal I found this nifty little tool that allows you to share your bash setup. I use terminals all day long and I love to mess about with they way they look. Since Mac has adopted zsh as the default bash, making tweaks to the look and feel of the command line is much easier than it previously was.

This tool allows you to show off your system and bash setup. If you are customizing it that is.

This is not a site but a Discord chatroom dedicated to DIY Tech and related topics. This is a great place to find like minded people as well as a support community for anyone who likes to tinker with tech or even needs help with tech. I just joined and cannot wait to see what this community has for me to discover.

Lessons Learned: When you do not properly establish the value propositions for your customers vs. your users.

A few months ago, our team were demoing our myClin product when we noticed something we should have recognized a while ago. It happened about twenty minutes into our pitch when our potential customer leaned in and finally got interested. It was kind of a shock! Not only because it was almost at the end of our presentation, but also because it took us so long to learn what was happening.

Starting all over again. Well, sort of.

Starting something, anything, is always one of the hardest things to do. As I went through old notebooks and journals, I found that I have been trying to start this for years. There have been times I have published on my website but it never lasted more than a couple of posts and there was never a clear vision of what I wanted my website to do for others, let alone me. So, I burnt it down and started fresh about two months ago. This time there is a plan for my what goes here on my site and what my goals are for its integration into my life. I hope you will find something interesting along the way as I try this yet again.

Hi! My name is Johnny. I am a digital product designer living and operating in Philadelphia, PA. Currently, I work on a software platform called myClin, Clinical Oversight.