Weekly Web Finds

Useful tidbits from around the web that are sure to help you in your digital product design ventures. Have a wonderful week! Fey Logos: A Treasure Trove for FinTech Creatives https://www.feylogos.com/ Have you ever found yourself in dire need of high-quality company logos, only to be stuck with pixelated messes? Say hello to Fey, a finance application that’s like a superhero for designers and developers in the financial tech space. What’s their superpower?

Weekly Web Finds

Hey, everyone! Welcome to the second week of 2024 – and guess what? I’m dusting off my keyboard and bringing back the Weekly Web Find, something I haven’t done in over three years. Think of it as my new year’s resolution, but with a techy twist! This revival is all about being open, thoughtful, and consistent in the digital treasures I share with you. It’s a fresh start, a new chapter, and I’m thrilled to dive into this with all of you.

Hugo Project Retrospective

At the beginning of the summer I began a project that I believed would take me about a month to complete. Now, at the beginning of November, I am finally shipping version one of this project. Join me for a retrospective look at making my personal site a Hugo generated static site. What Have I Learned First, Hugo’s ease of use is a bit deceiving. On the surface it seems to make short work of putting a static website together.

June Project: Create A Static Site Using Hugo

I have been thinking about moving away from Wordpress and convert this site to static HTML generated by some kind of framework. There are many reasons for this, not least of which is the security leaks that come with using Wordpress. Going static will also mean virtually no updates needed to the server, no database updates or the need for any specialty plugins. So this month I have given myself the challenge of migrating this site away from Wordpress, and learning Hugo to generate a static HTML version of my blog.

Wallpaper Wednesday: Destiny 2

Wallpaper Wednesday is a practice I have not done for many years. In the early days of Indy Hall I would put out a digital wallpaper each week. This helped me stay fresh with design and the suite of tools I use on a regular basis. It also gave me the freedom to explore concepts I normally would not be able to while completing client work. I am humbly attempting to revive this practice with this initial release of the new Wallpaper Wednesday.

Sites Explored - April 2021

Been a minute since I published one of these. Below are some sites I found during my travels around the internet, that digital product designers and fellow technophiles may find helpful or interesting. Haikei App https://haikei.app/ Haikei App is the evolution of two web projects by Z Creative Labs (https://zcreativelabs.com/). It is a FREE web app that helps produce unique SVG design assets for use in your web projects. Evil Martians - How to Favicon https://evilmartians.

Want to know if your idea is viable?

Testing the viability of a product or service can be tricky. However, in my experience, I have found that if you explore the answers, provided by two fundamental questions, you can get to a final proof of viability. As well as gain a great foundation for the success of your business, its marketing goals and its customer support. Question 01: What problem does your product or service solve? The best products and services in history are supremely successful because they proverbially, scratch a certain itch, felt by enough people, to make a viable market.