Weekly Web Finds

Hey, everyone! Welcome to the second week of 2024 – and guess what? I’m dusting off my keyboard and bringing back the Weekly Web Find, something I haven’t done in over three years. Think of it as my new year’s resolution, but with a techy twist!

This revival is all about being open, thoughtful, and consistent in the digital treasures I share with you. It’s a fresh start, a new chapter, and I’m thrilled to dive into this with all of you.

So, here’s to a year brimming with digital discoveries and inspirational gems. Can I stick to this resolution? There’s only one way to find out! Happy New Year, everyone – let’s kick off this adventure together and uncover the wonders the web has in store for us!

Toptal HTML Reference

Toptal HTML Arrows


I was doing some front-end code the other day and I needed the HTML code for a semi-colon. This being one of those HTML glyphs that is not ever top of mind, I needed to find a reliable reference, that I could go back to again and again, if I had that same issue in the future. Toptal, provided exactly what I was looking for.

Toptal, a prominent job listing and placement site, offers an invaluable resource called HTML Arrows. This comprehensive reference library encompasses all HTML characters and glyphs, providing Unicode, hex code, HTML code, HTML entities, and CSS code. Despite being in a management role, I frequently use this resource for writing HTML and front-end code. It has become an essential tool in my front-end development toolkit, and I highly recommend adding it to yours.

Geeks For Geeks

Toptal HTML Arrows


Discovered this gem today and it’s already proven incredibly useful. Geeks For Geeks caters to all skill levels, making it particularly beneficial for beginners in tech and digital product development. The articles are easy to follow; often grounded in real-world scenarios, thanks to contributions from tech-savvy professionals.

What sets Geeks For Geeks apart is its depth—it goes beyond tutorials and code examples. The site explores algorithms, data structures, system computing, and system programming, offering a more comprehensive learning experience compared to typical “tech magazine website” tutorials. If Geeks For Geeks isn’t in your bookmarks, you’re missing out on a fantastic resource. Explore their library; you’re sure to find something valuable.

Its Foss

Toptal HTML Arrows


As a Linux enthusiast, navigating the vast amount of information out there can be challenging. Its Foss, however, comes to the rescue by providing a wealth of resources for Linux users. Whether you’re looking to understand the Linux file system or delve into complex tasks like editing fstab and writing bash scripts, Its Foss has you covered.

Its Foss caters to both experts and beginners, offering valuable insights into all flavors and sizes of Linux. If you’re passionate about Linux and open source, this site is a treasure trove of knowledge.

Command Line Fu

Toptal HTML Arrows


While not a recent discovery, Command Line Fu remains a valuable site over the years. Geared towards a more advanced audience, it’s an excellent resource for anyone looking to master the terminal, a fundamental skill in computing. Command Line Fu lists popular and useful command line inputs sourced from users worldwide.

For aspiring software professionals, understanding the terminal interface is crucial, and Command Line Fu provides valuable insights, whether you’re in the terminal all day or only occasionally.

I’ll be back next week with another list for you all to check out. Have a wonderful week and good luck in all your ventures!😀