Weekly Web Finds

Useful tidbits from around the web that are sure to help you in your digital product design ventures. Have a wonderful week!

Fey Logos: A Treasure Trove for FinTech Creatives

Fey Logos


Have you ever found yourself in dire need of high-quality company logos, only to be stuck with pixelated messes? Say hello to Fey, a finance application that’s like a superhero for designers and developers in the financial tech space. What’s their superpower? They’ve meticulously gathered SVG logos of publicly traded companies and placed them all in one easily accessible online vault. Imagine having the crispest, cleanest logos at your fingertips - quite the resource when deadlines loom large!

But here’s the catch - snagging the entire collection isn’t as quick as a superhero zipping across the sky. This slow reveal seems intentional, a bit of a tease when you’re after more than just a handful of logos. Nevertheless, for those in the FinTech design world, Fey is akin to finding a map where “X” marks the spot of endless creative treasure.

Google Labs AI: Your New Creative Playground

Google Labs AI


Diving headfirst into AI, I’ve explored various platforms, but Google Labs has something special brewing. It’s like stepping into a futuristic lab where innovation meets imagination. Their tools don’t just compete with the likes of Midjourney and ChatGPT; they invite you to a whole new realm of possibilities.

With ImageFX, I whipped up backgrounds for product mock-ups that made my designs move forward much more quickly. TextFX, on the other hand, was like having a creative muse on call, offering fresh perspectives on my ideas. If you’re curious about pushing the boundaries of AI in creativity, Google Labs is your go-to digital sandbox.

Aesthetic Wiki: Your Digital Design Muse

Aesthetic Wiki


Stumbling upon the Aesthetic Wiki was like discovering a secret garden of inspiration. This treasure trove has been my go-to for sparking creativity, helping me craft inspiration boards that bridge the gap between digital dreams and analog realities.

For the digital designer weaving through the ever-evolving landscape of aesthetics, this resource is a lighthouse guiding you through the fog of creative blocks. Keep it bookmarked; it’s the compass you didn’t know you needed.

Faces of Open Source: Capturing the Soul of Innovation

Faces of Open Source


Faces of Open Source is a portal into the lives of the unsung heroes who’ve shaped the digital world. Peter Adams, an artist with a lens for the revolutionary, offers us a glimpse into the essence of the open source community.

This project isn’t just a gallery of faces; it’s a narrative of innovation, a reminder of the giants on whose shoulders modern technology stands. For anyone who’s ever marveled at the magic of MacOS or the wonders of the web, this site pays homage to the architects of our digital foundations. Dive in, and you’ll emerge with a newfound appreciation for the pioneers who paved our digital pathways.

JavaScript.info: The Encyclopedia of JavaScript



In the vast sea of programming knowledge, JavaScript.info stands out as an island of wisdom. Whether you’re deciphering the mysteries of syntax or navigating the nuances of language usage, this resource is like having a sage by your side.

For those who venture into the realms of JavaScript, whether you’re crafting the next digital masterpiece or debugging the labyrinth of code, JavaScript.info is your beacon of knowledge. It transcends the basics, offering deep dives into the heart of JavaScript that other references merely skim the surface of.