Hello, my name is Johnny!

First, thank you for visiting my site. No matter what brought you here, I appreciate your time and interest in who I am and what I do.

I am a digital product designer and front-end developer operating out of Philadelphia. My professional career began during the mid-90s after attending The Art Institute of Philadelphia where I studied industrial and product design. Quickly, my skills as a “computer nerd” coupled with my design abilities began revealing a path leading to a career in software and digital product development.

Today I stand with the experience of a twenty-five year career in digital design behind me. I have worked on projects ranging from product development for Nike, to product development for Capital One. During the last fifteen years I have held leadership roles not only professionally, but within the technology community in and around Philadelphia.

My work and my personal life are very much interconnected through my love of technology. I dable with system design, micro-computing, information security and red teaming.

When not pursuing new avenues of my career I spend my time learning ethical hacking, systems administration and network infrastructure. Sprinkle in some Destiny, Forza and various other games on my PC for fun. I also passionately follow motorsports, the Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia Union and Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Currently, I reside in Philadelphia, PA with my wife Abby, our two cats Dorian and Phe, and our dog Drax.

Mission Statement

Design is the process that is necessary to produce practical solutions to all problems large or small, digital or analog. The solution and process is never perfect, and can constantly be improved through further design iteration.

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